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Finished Converter

The circuit schematic for a VGA -> SCART converter is below. You probably want to look at the introduction and notes about it too. If you want to print it out then grab the PostScript version or gschem version. This circuit was not designed by me, however I have used it myself and it works well.

Circuit diagram

Component Type
R1 3.3K
R2 1.2K
R3 820 Ohm
R4 68 Ohm
Q1 BC548B

The following connections should be made. The table below shows how to connect either a SCART plug (to plug directly into the TV), or a SCART socket (to plug into the TV through a standard SCART-to-SCART cable). Thanks to John Veness for pointing out I was only documenting the plug connections, even though my converter has a socket.

Name VGA Pin Converter Connection SCART Pin (Plug) SCART Pin (Socket)
Red 1 15 15
Green 2 11 11
Blue 3 7 7
Red Ground 6 13 13
Green Ground 7 9 9
Blue Ground 8 5 5
VSync 14 VSync
HSync 13 HSync
Sync Ground 10 Gnd 17 17
CSync CSync 20 19

You may also want to connect your sound card to the SCART connector:

Name Audio Pin SCART Pin (Plug) SCART Pin (Socket)
Audio Right Right output 2 1
Audio Left Left output 6 3
Audio Ground Ground 4 4
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